Since June 7, 2011, Allmendinger has been accredited to ISO9001:2015 standards.

Allmendinger’s highest priority is quality service. We ensure top quality by relying on highly trained and committed employees supplied with cutting-edge technology, equipment, and procedures. To guarantee that quality is never compromised, our engineers are equipped with two modern test labs and over 70 test stands enabling them to test parts under realistic conditions; tests performed include endurance tests on every part sold or repaired. Our working procedures are constantly reviewed and improved based on the experience of clients and employees.  Moreover, we understand that future development of our business, including improved service quality, depends essentially on continuing education of our employees. They therefore benefit from a structured support network, including regular participation in training courses conducted by internal and external experts, that assures they get the training and skills they need.



Environmental Certificate

Since February 7, 2014, Allmendinger Elektromechanik KG has been granted the DIN EN ISO 1400:2015 certificate for its outstanding commitment to adopting environmentally friendly practices.

Many organizations are increasingly concerned with demonstrating sound environmental performance by minimizing the impacts of their activities on the environment. For many years we have been ensuring good practices within our operation by complying with statutory regulations, industry norms, and technical standards. This certification confirms our commitment to environmentally friendly usage of resources.