Company History

Allmendinger Timeline
  • Firmengründung

    01.01.1996 - Founding of Allmendinger Elektromechanik

    The company started in the cellar rooms of a residential house in Bad Überkingen-Unterböhringen as a one-man operation to repair Siemens and Heidenhain measurement systems and start-up CNC controls.

  • Firmengeba-ude_8_V02

    Juli 1998 - Relocation to new building

    A new building with offices, repair shop, and store covering 200m² was constructed in the Brunnenwiesen industrial park near Hausen. The number of employees was increased to seven.

  • Sondermaschinen

    February 2000 - First extension of building

    Customer base and demand for CNC machine services grew rapidly, necessitating extension of the company building to a 450 m² space. Business activities were extended to repair of circuit boards and the spare-parts trade. In 2001, the area of production technology was added and the first brush machine was sold. The number of employees was 10 in 2001, 16 in 2002.

  • weiterer Lagerraum

    September 2003 - Rental of a storehouse

    The spare parts business was extended and a 300 m² storehouse for spare parts was rented in Reichenbach.

  • neues Firmengebäude

    March 2004 - Second extension of building

    The number of orders increased and the building was enlarged again, this time to 600 m². The number of employees increased to 26.

  • neues Firmengebäude

    April 2005 - Purchase of new building

  • Mitarbeiter bei der Arbeit

    October 2005 - Relocation to new building

  • Zeichnung neues Firmengebäude

    2007 - Planning of new building

  • Baustelle neues Firmengebäude

    2008 - Start of construction of the new company building

    Conversion to limited partnership (KG); Company grows to 62 employees.

  • neues Firmengebäude

    June 2009 - Completion of new building

    The company moved to a new building equipped with modern offices and 1600 m² storage for spare parts.  The number of employees increased to 73.

  • Iso 9001-2008 Zertifizierung

    2011.- DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certification

    Thanks to its processes, developed and standardised over the years, on 7 June 2011 the company received DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certification for its quality management.

  • Werkstatt mit Mitarbeiter bei der Arbeit

    Late 2011 - Expansion of the service portfolio

    The company’s service portfolio was expanded to include the manufacturer Fanuc. Since late 2011, the company has sold, repaired and refurbished controls, drives and converter systems produced by the renowned manufacturer, Fanuc.

  • Neue Mitarbeiter bei der Arbeit

    Late 2011 - Company workforce reaches 100 members of staff

  • Lager mit Gabelstapler

    2013 - Expansion of warehouse capacity

    Due to the company’s steady growth and increasing demand for its services, in mid-2013 it increased its warehouse capacity by a further 2000m² by leasing new premises in neighbouring Bad Überkingen. The total warehouse space grew to 4500m².

  • Onlineshop Allmendinger

    June 2013 - Online product catalogue goes live

    In June 2013, the company’s online presence was expanded with a new product catalogue, intended to function as an online shop in the near future.

  • ISO 140001:2004 Zertifikat

    2014 - Certification according to Environmental Directive DIN EN ISO 14001:2004

    On 7 February, the company received an extremely important and contemporary certification, in addition to its quality certificate. The company’s sustainable use of all environmental resources was officially confirmed by the DIN ISO 14001:2004 certificate.

  • neue Mitarbeiter arbeiten

    2014 - Company workforce reaches 130 staff members

  • LKW mit großem Grill

    2016 - Allmendinger turns 20

    In 2016, the company celebrated its 20th year of operations with a special company celebration for the entire workforce. An incredible food truck was organised specially for the celebration, and prepared smoked spare ribs for over 200 people.

    An expansion in the area of control technology was achieved through construction of an additional workshop. This created a further 8 jobs. At present, Allmendinger employs 170 members of staff.

  • Allmendinger neue Website auf einem Smartphone, Tablet und Notebook

    2017 - Allmendinger in a new design

    On 30.06.2017 it was finally time. In a completely new design as well as an elaborate product catalog with more than 30,000 articles, the new Allmendinger website went online as planned for our customers.