25 Jahre Siegel


Despite the ongoing situation, which certainly requires perseverance from all of us, we will start our 25th anniversary year 2021 full of energy. As an expression of gratitude and appreciation to our customers, we are now extending our warranty to 25 months. No exceptions, no extra costs: A 25-month warranty on all spare parts and repairs. This promise to you is also a mark of our quality awareness.


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24/7 on your side!

Personal service is particularly important to us. However, in order to guarantee you a maximum of service even outside of business hours, we have set up the Allmendinger online shop with fully automatic preparation of offers. All around the clock, we are on your side.

You are also welcome to use our modern online shop 24/7 for to create a quick and completely automatic offer.

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We wish you all the best during these turbulent times and stay healthy!.

Your Allmendinger Team

Spare parts replaced quickly

Allmendinger has more than 30.000 high-quality spare parts for immediate sale or exchange. Our vast inventory enables us to meet customer needs quickly, thus reducing downtime and protecting production schedules. Our prompt delivery times give you security and save you money.

Our delivery system

on stock
2-3 Working days
We cannot always have everything on stock. Please contact us - we will find the best solution for you!
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Repair of CNC controls, converter systems and measurement systems

Our specialist workshop, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, has successfully repaired a range of CNC controls, converter systems and measurement systems for more than 20 years. Our repair service includes immediate repairs, which are completed quickly and reliably in-house, as well as technical advice from our qualified service team, provided either in person or over the phone. We can conduct continuous load tests on power assemblies of up to 100 KW in our test rooms, which guarantees you consistently high quality.

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Service means

Service means making a customer’s problem our own challenge. This is something that only comes with experience and the ability to listen, understand, consider and act. We ask the right questions early on, which allows us to find the right solution quickly

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Breites Kompetenzspektrum

  • electronics
  • mechanics
  • retrofiting
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