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X-ray analysis

With our Phönix Microme|x X-ray system from GE, we offer you high-resolution X-ray images for the non-destructive defect analysis of your products.

2D/ 3D X-ray analysis

X-ray analysis of a circuit board from a CNC control

We have a clear view!

Our unique 2D/ 3D X-ray analysis.

In cooperation with GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies GmbH, the X-ray system type Phönix Microme|x has been individually coordinated to our testing method. A non-destructive error analysis thanks to high-resolution X-ray images reliably and quickly provides you with the crucial knowledge you need. The system immediately identifies cracks, air pockets and contact issues. By testing initial samples, you can avoid expensive series errors, whilst a regular control during production secures the quality of your products in the long-term.

Our (X-ray) service for you:

  • Fixed prices on an hourly basis: transparent and possible to calculate

  • X-ray up to dimensions 680mm x 635mm and a maximum weight of 10 KG

  • Geometric 1970x magnification (2D)

  • Details detection capacity up to 0.5µm

  • X-ray images available in the standard digital image formats JPG, Tiff and GIF

  • A detailed error report in PDF format on request

  • Fast reaction time (instant X-ray images to take away)

  • Qualified specialist personnel

For you, we shine a light on:

  • Semi-conductors and other electronic components

  • Assembled printed circuit boards

  • Composite materials

  • Metallic materials

  • Non-metallic materials

Possible sectors/application areas:

  • Electronics

  • Automotive

  • Food industry

  • Medical technology

  • Aeronautics and aerospace

Examples of X-ray analysis

If you are interested in our X-ray service, we look forward to your call/your e-mail. Our team of experts will be pleased to advise you.
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