warranty conditions

Warranty Conditions of Allmendinger Elektromechanik KG

We offer a warranty on equipment purchased and repaired by Allmendinger Elektromechanik KG in accordance with the following conditions:

1. We offer a 25-month warranty from the delivery date against defects and on the functionality of products purchased from us in additional to the statutory warranty regulations (§ 11 of our General Terms and Conditions).

2. The customer must present a copy of the original invoice or appropriate confirmation when submitting a warranty claim. The serial number must be legible on the equipment.

3. It is at the discretion of Allmendinger Elektromechanik KG whether the warranty is fulfilled by repairing or replacing the equipment or the defective part. Further claims are excluded. Replaced parts become the property of Allmendinger Elektromechanik KG.

4. If the repair by Allmendinger Elektromechanik KG is not possible or is uneconomical, we will either provide an equivalent replacement or refund the repair or purchase price paid to us during the above-mentioned warranty period.

5. Warranty repairs must be carried out by Allmendinger Elektromechanik KG. In the case of repairs carried out by unauthorised persons or companies, claims for reimbursement of costs cannot be accepted as such repairs and damage that may be caused to the equipment as a result are not covered by this warranty. This warranty is invalidated if seals attached by Allmendinger Elektromechanik KG have been removed or damaged.

6. If the equipment is used in another country other than the country for which it was originally developed and produced changes may need to be made to the equipment to adapt it to the technical and/or safety standards of this other country. Such changes are not attributable to defects in the material or workmanship of the equipment and are not covered by this warranty. The costs for such changes and for damage that may be caused to the equipment as a result will not be reimbursed.

7. The following are not covered by the warranty obligations:

    Maintenance, regular inspections and the repair or replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear

    Improper use and misuse of the equipment and improper installation

    Transport and travel costs as well as costs incurred for the assembly and disassembly of the equipment

    Damage caused by lightning, water, fire, force majeure, war, incorrect mains voltage, inadequate ventilation or for other reasons outside of Allmendinger Elektromechanik KG's control.

    Damage caused by other equipment, e.g. from electromagnetic radiation.

    Slight deviations from the target quality that have a negligible effect on the value and usability of the equipment.

8. Our warranty is a product-specific warranty and a claim can be made during the warranty period by any person who has acquired the equipment legally.

9. Any other or further claims, especially those for replacement due to damage caused outside the equipment are excluded – provided there is no obligatory legal liability.

10. Warranty claims neither extend the warranty period nor constitute the start of a new one. The warranty period of the installed spares ends with the warranty period for the equipment as a whole.

11. Allmendinger Elektromechanik KG may exclude the warranty for a repair in exceptional cases. However, this must be agreed with the customer before receipt of an order.